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Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo 2023
Nov 29-2023 Dec 1 @Marine Messe Fukuoka, Japan

It is our great pleasure to announce that we will be participating in Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo 2023 Please be sure to visit our booth! Date: Nov. 29(Wed.) ~ Dec. 1(Fri.), 2023 / 10:00 – 17:00 Venue: Marine Messe Fukuoka – Hall : Hall A Booth No. : 12-39

Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo 2023
2023-Jul-20-23 Tokyo Japan

International marketing can help bring our business to the global stage. Reveal opportunities to reach international customers and their needs. In this overview you will find tools, equipment, people, machines and tips to support the needs we can meet your needs. Including information on foreign market research and product marketing, Thai Forging is aware of foreign markets. And building an international marketing network is more important than ever in today's business world.

Automated Measurement System Analysis
2021-Apr-18 【Thai forging Parts Co,. Ltd.】

We have brought innovation in production management. that can create change in the organization of must be able to collect and analyze data effectively And it is important to be able to use this information to increase productivity in production systems.The organization should have a system “real-time data collection” to improve efficiency, reduce errors and reduce costs.Basic Definitions of Real Time Data

TFP M-Tech In Japan2018
2018-Jul-20-22 【Tokyo Japan

Thai Forging was established in 2008 as a full-service manufacturer. Our core values are professional, convenient and problem-solving. from customer support We act with honesty, seriousness and trustworthy attitude to provide the best service and products. Combining international market trends with over 10 years of manufacturing experience, we specialize in cold forming and CNC machines. We have experts ready to respond immediately from design to production. Thai Forging offers products to customers in the automotive industry. High precision metalworking tools and machines We have Cold forging and CNC machines. With high quality production process and standardized measuring equipment Guarantee that customers will best meet your needs.

TFP Factory Safety Gold Level
2018-Feb-22 【Thai forging Parts Co,. Ltd.】

Thai Forging Parts We promote and support to be safe at work By providing tools, equipment, safety sufficient to meet the working conditions. Make operators aware of the dangers that will occur while working, as well as advise and clarify the causes and methods of prevention.

SongKarn of TFP
2017-Apr-10 【Thai forging Parts Co,. Ltd.】