Cold Forging Services for the Manufacturing Industries Cold forging services are part of a highly specialised group of metal manufacturing processes that are designed to form and shape just about anything you want out of solid steel or metal. Most forging processes are defined according to the temperature that is being used during the process and cold forging is essentially done at room temperature. The actual forging process is done just before the metal reaches it recrystallisation point and is usually used when the metals are soft enough to work on without having to heat them up to super hot temperatures. Cold forging generally makes use of pressing machinery that holds the metal in place and then is cut out into a predetermined shape or size. The fact that it is referred to as “cold” forging is a bit of a misnomer because the forging actually takes place at room temperature. The metals themselves are also in their normal state, the main difference is that process they undergo is often more mechanical than anything else that is heat related.

Engineering Firms Specialised in Metals Processing

You generally find that engineering firms are the people responsible for metals processing because they have the equipment and know-how necessary to get the job done safely and quickly. Precision cutting and moulding is important to the manufacturers that have a production line to run and ensuring that each and every component they receive is made exactly to the required specifications. Engineering firms that are commissioned to handle that have the responsibility to make sure that they deliver. Cold forging services have several advantages for the manufacturing industries and that is why they keep using it for individual components that form a part of a greater manufacturing process. The cold forging process is generally a lot cheaper than the other methods because there is no unnecessary heating involved. Unfortunately, you also have to ensure that your metals are completely clean when you work on them and you also have to worry about the metal being less ductile, so it is harder to work with in that state.

Cold Forging Services Guaranteed

A lot of manufacturers outsource their metals processing to engineering firms that have the skills and equipment to do so. Whenever a manufacturer chooses a firm for their cold forging services, they always ensure that they can deliver high volumes of the components they need to keep their production volumes ticking over. As such, these engineering firms have become an integral part for many manufacturing processes.

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